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Local Comic book stores foster a sense of discovery and adventure, that’s what makes Wednesdays (new release day) so much fun.

Dave first discovered comic books on a spinner rack as a kid back in the late 70’s. “I found 100 adventures waiting to go on every time my dad took me to the local pharmacy,” says Dave. “At first, dad had a strict policy of one book off the rack, but over time, he discovered how much I loved to read comics. I couldn’t wait to get the newest issue of Conan the Barbarian. The day I asked him what “uncanny” meant, he knew those books paid off.”

Callisto even has a spinner rack filled with free books for kids to pick from, one per visit of course.

Located at 4219 Virginia Street, Callisto Comics and Stories fills the small brick building; there, you’ll find the newest books in Near Mint condition alongside Silver and Bronze Age collectibles comics. The building shares a lot with a house in the rear. The owners of the property live there, they love the building and the neighborhood. Businesses on the nearby street corner thrive because the neighbors thrive.

“As we grow, we find new ways to occupy the space; that’s one of the great things about comics, they are small, and you can stack them high.” Dave explains.

Established in 2014 on eBay, Callisto also operates an online comic book store and sells comics in fantastic condition. They use Gemini comic book mailers (the industry standard) to ship each book First Class. “If you’re paying less to ship your comics, you’re taking a risk. We take the uncertainty out of shopping online.”


Along with new releases and online subscription services, Callisto is the home of The Saint Louis Comic Book Discussion Club. The Club meets monthly and explores the history of comics decade-by-decade. 

“The group allows us to learn more about this life-long hobby. It’s a great place to develop friendships; one of the highlights of my month.” Greg, Group Moderator


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